Hanging with B

Dear B,

How long do you have to date someone before you can broach the “relationship” question?

Hey C,
That really depends on the how the relationship is going. Really if you are unclear on if you can bring up the topic then you guys are for sure, not there yet. That question can mean different things for different people because what are you really asking? Are you asking them to be monogamous and exclusive with you or are you asking them to commit to family events and work functions or are you asking them to treat you with respect.
This question really depends on where your relationship is at. Now, if you only see this person once a month, on Friday night, after the club then, do not, I repeat DO NOT broach the “relationship question” but if you’ve been going on dates, sleeping over a few nights a week, make out in public, and are planning a trip together you’re in a good place to have this conversation. I will advise that you tread with caution because some people are quite happy with non-relationships and feel threatened by the idea of committing especially if they’re given an ultimatum. Before you do anything, realistically assess your situation and then approach your partner with love.


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