Hanging with B

Dear B,
What do you do when your friend is dating a “loser” and she’s happy but you know he’s not good for her, and maybe using her. Our friends are starting to avoid her cause they think her bf is a jerk, and she doesn’t understand. I don’t wanna watch my friend waste her time and lose friends and respect.
Hi Friend,

I’m confused here, she’s losing friends at a time when she needs them the most? Maybe her new man isn’t the only jerk in her life if that’s the case! Shouldn’t your friends be happy for you when you are happy in your relationship? Why can’t him being good enough her be enough for her friends? I know there are extreme situations where a partner is physically or emotionally abusing someone and that can be difficult to witness. If that is the case, then you MUST get her outside help.
On the other hand if he just doesn’t live up to her friend’s standards then your standards way too high you need to cut it! It seriously sounds like people are hating on her for being happy and giving her attention to her man versus to her friends. Even if she wakes up from her cloud one day and decides to leave him it is still not your place to dictate her relationship. Is anyone allowed to enter your relationship and tell you who to date, how they should look & act, and whether they are good enough? Probably not and homegirl deserves the same respect and support, especially because she’s happy.
Please pass this message on to your other friends: Don’t hate, Meditate! Appreciate! Participate! Congratulate! Celebrate! Or go get your own man to criticize.


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