Moetivation was born  in Brooklyn New York  in December of 1976. At 3 months old  his mother sent  him  to stay  with family in her native Haiti while  she struggled to make  her  life  more  stable  in America. He had no contact with his mother and did  not  return to the U.S until  the age of  three.  He grew up during Brooklyn’s crack  era on one  of  the  most notorious  strips  of   concrete  in  Flatbush. Riddled with  drugs   and crime,  Argyle Road  was a hard  reality check  into  how  cold  the  world can be.

Moetivation was  an intelligent child  and  very  much  the  avid  reader. His love  of books cultivated itself  into  an interest and love  for writing. With hip-hop music  at its  creative pinnacle at the  time,  he  started writing rap  music.  He  and  a friend formed a rap  group and  record label and sold thousands of units  independently.

Although he has no acting experience whatsoever, Moetivation  is determined to deliver the  role  of ”Rafe”  with all of his ability. He sees Rafe  as a mastermind  of  some  sort.  A great  thinker who  could have chosen  to be a Fortune 500 company CEO. This guy  Rafe is seasoned and  has been  on  the  streets long  enough to be  able  to foreshadow events  and  read  people.  “Although the  activities that he chooses to get   himself into   are  not   legal,  because   of  his  principle and  moral compass, it is hard  to label  him  a bad  guy”,  says Moetivation. Aside from acting, Moetivation wears  multiple hats in the creation and production of  the  “MONEY   &  VIOLENCE”  series.  He  is  the  writer, director and  editor of  the  project. Although a very  time  consuming task, he embraces it.

Moetivation has also written two novels  that have yet  to be published. Both   of  these  literary works are  inspired by  true   events   that have transpired in his life. He is a literal Jack-of-all-trades who  through this project hopes  to use his talents to bring the world a better understanding of  not  only  the  who’s  and  what’s of  these  events  but also the why’s,  in what some would refer  to as the gutter.


Ray Guercy  is one fourth of the  novice team behind Cloud9 TV, the production/web   company  that produces  the   hit  online    series “Money &  Violence,” and  co-star of  the  series.  His  character  Miz leads  the  show’s  narrative as a loyal  and  dangerous stickup artist. With over  to 19+ million page  views,  immense support from hip- hop’s  elite  and  a ton of  media  coverage, the  24-episode show  has turned  into   an  online   sensation.  Heralded  by   the   TriBeCa   Film Festival as accurately  “showing the  anger,  pain  and  fear of  living outside of  the  law  through  myriad of  diverse  male  characters,” “Money & Violence” has  drawn comparisons to HBO’s  “The  Wire” for its rawness  and gritty story line.

Born   in   Haiti   and   raised   in   Brooklyn,  Ray’s   childhood  was   a reflection  of   the   harsh   realities  of   growing  up   surrounded  by poverty and  violence.  After losing  his father,  who  was  shot  due  to violence stemming  from Haiti’s  1991 coup  d’etat of  then  president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Ray emigrated to the United States with his mother. He was and  only  child  with little knowledge of  the  English language,  Ray  was  forced to grow up  quickly and  adapt to the cultural differences in New  York.  He developed a detached attitude towards  school because   of  the  language barrier.  The  frustration lead  him  to misbehave,  fight and  perform poorly in  class.  It  was only  after a cousin  introduced him to hip-hop, the first thing he was able to relate to since moving to the United States, that he was able to fit in.

Through  his  tough  exterior,  Ray  has  been   able   to  solidify the character of  Miz  on  the  show.  Fans  can  see the  depth and  levels that  go   into   playing  him   with  each   episode.  Though  centered around the  drugs  and  violence to catch  the  attention of  viewers, larger themes about faith, integrity,  friendship and  loyalty anchor the  show.  Those  themes are  the  universal characteristics that all great  stories  hold.     On  the  cusp  of  its  second season  “Money  & Violence” looks  to partner with a new  production company, launch a new  site  and  expand its  brand.  Ray will  continue his role  on  the show  as he looks  to expand his acting career.


Ace  General  was  born  in Miami,  Florida but  was  raised  in New  York. As a child  he had  interest in sports and  music.  He played football in high  school and was part  of a rap group named “Team Playboys”. His love  for music  caused  him  to lose  interest  in  football and  his  main focus became rap group. His parents constant need  to relocate every couple of  years  due  to financial situations making it difficult for him to grow roots and  commit to anything. On a positive note,  it helped him garner social  skills, having to make  new friends and adapt to new environments so frequently.

Ace  General  is now  enjoying his first season  as Kane  in the  new  hit web  series MONEY  & VIOLENCE.  This is his first role,  as he does  not have  a history  in  acting at all. He is enjoying this  experience as he gets  an opportunity to show  the growth of his character as the series moves   along.   Although he  and  Kane  are  very   different  from  each other,   he   likes   the   challenge of  the   role.   He   appreciates   the authenticity of  the  character because  he feels that although a larger part of the audience gravitates towards the more  streetwise characters like Rafe and Miz, Kane is a very  realistic look  at the  other side of the fence.

An   avid   party  promoter,   Ace   General   has   worked  with  many renowned nightlife personalities from Funkmaster  Flex  to DJ  Mister Cee. As one of the heads of Cloud9TV, which produces MONEY & VIOLENCE,  Ace General also helps with the production.

Aside  from acting, Ace  General  is also  a rap  artist who  is currently working on bringing back New York  club  music.


Du  was  born   February  24,  1988  and  grew up  in  Far  Rockaway,

Queens. As a youngster, Du was heavily involved in sports.  Although his range  included all sports,  basketball is where he excelled most. That led  him  to playing college basketball for Monroe College averaging 14 points, 9.8  assist  and  3 steals  a game  as their  point guard.  After college, Du went on to become the  top sales rep in the nation for one  of the top internet service  providers.      He simultaneously started working with a few childhood friends in the world of party promotion and event  coordinating. Working with the likes  of  Joe  Jaxson  and  Showcase Empire,  he went on  to become one of the original co-founders of which produces the hit web  series “Money & Violence”.

Being  a man  of  many  talents, Du plays  a character by  the  name  of Shane on the series along  with helping with camera  work.  A lover  of new  challenges along  with a competitive nature, Du has grown from playing sports to now  acting. One  wouldn’t be  able  to tell prior to the show  that he has never  acted.   He delivers the role of Shane with an originality that is refreshing.  Shane is a young man trying to find his way while  avoiding the pitfalls of those  Brooklyn streets.

Although the character is relatable to some of those  people he grew up   with it  was   difficult to  find   the   balance  between  being  a knucklehead and  a man  of  honor.  Du  hopes  to bring the  world  a candid peak into  the inner  workings of the streets of Brooklyn. With the tool of and the series Money  & Violence he will accomplish that and much  more.