To a young woman growing up in Brooklyn NY, Life Seems to be one Big illusion. It’s not about what you have or done, it’s about what People think you have or done. It’s about wearing the flyest shit, driving the newest car, and dating the biggest ballers. For a female the cliché profession now a days are Bartenders, Bottle Girls, Strippers, or a nurses aid. Now that just doesn’t sit well with the Hustlers Ambition of Hope White.

As hope gets her feet wet entry level at this Scamming pyramid, she notices all the flaws and now not only want to be a player in this game but has a master plan to take over the game and be the first female to do it. A Queen Pin is born, but there are casualties to working your way to the top. The more power you attain, the more envy is built around you.

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