Hey B,

Last year I made all these resolutions and only stuck to one of them. I want to reuse most of them for 2106, like get back in the gym, get a promotion at work, move out of my mothers house, save more money and also travel. This year I want to accomplish all of my resolutions, how do I get all of that done and still have fun!


Whoa whoa whoa Jay!

I will be honest and say that you are asking for too much! Not trying to burst your bubble and say that these “resolutions” are unaccomplishable but I have to be real with you and let you know your resolutions need some focus. Saying that you want to accomplish x, y, z doesn’t mean you are doing what it takes to get to those goals. Not to mention you listed about 6 resolutions, that equals a complete change of life! You are looking to change your entire life in 2016. Jay, ask yourself this one question: Did that plan work in 2015?
N.O. That’s why you here asking for advice on doing the exact same thing!
The hard cold truth is you have to get more specific with your goals.
Here is a break down on how to get specific with your New Years Resolutions:

Current Resolution Actual Goal
1. Get back in the gym—————-Workout at the gym 3x per week
2. Get a promotion at work————Come in early 3x a week, stay later 3x a week, take on new assignments from my boss as often as possible, speak with my supervisor about expanding my role at work
3. Save more money——————-Open a savings account and have your job direct deposit a portion of your income to your savings account.

Jay, these are just a few examples of how you can incorporate your resolutions into your everyday life and actually accomplish them! It’s very important to dream big but more important to make an actual difference in your life to make your dreams come true. It is not an overnight process but I guarantee you with more focus you WILL be able to achieve these resolutions and at the end of this new year you will be moving out of your mother’s crib and asking me to help you find a new apartment!

Let me know how the first week goes!


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